A website is like a gateway for your customers through which they purchase your products or services. If your website is not well-maintained then you should actually forget about engaging new customers. 94% impression of your services is dependent upon your web design, speed, and other functionalities of your website.


  • Plug-in & Theme Update
  • Adding New Pages/Blog Post
  • Speed Optimization
  • Database Optimization
  • Solving Server Issues
  • Improving UX/UI
  • Banner & Graphic Designing
  • Website Backup
  • Broken Link Scanning
  • Versions & Plugins Upgrades
  • Performance Tuning
  • Website Migration
  • Security Enhancement
  • Malware Scan
  • Copywriting
  • Forms Submissions Testing
  • SEO Consulting
  • Fixing 404, 500 etc.

When a user lands on your website, the design is the first thing they see. If your website is not well-designed and user-friendly then there will be fewer chances that your user will continue surfing your website. This directly impacts your conversion rates. Moreover, if you want to rank your website with SEO then you must have a well-maintained website. Google tends to promote a website that has a clean, user-friendly look, and fast page loading speed.

So, what can you really do to keep your website maintained? What options do we have? UrWebDevXprt is the best solution if you are looking for the most optimized website maintenance packages. UrWebDevXprt is based in Jamaica and you can confidently buy their maintenance packages to get the best out of your website performance.

Web Maintenance — Defined

Web Maintenance is the way of improving the performance of your website by solving all website errors and issues along with some enhancements to constantly improve your website. These maintenance checks are performed once in a while to keep check of everything. The new little improvements in your website can boost your SEO rankings on Google and other search engines.

Web Design is extremely important to retain all your customers. Web Maintenance services also check for any issues with your design and fix them to maximize your customer’s experience. If some Technical issues and errors are causing your website to load slow and you want to improve your website speed then Web Maintainance Services is probably your go-to option.

Just like the health of us Humans, Websites also have their health and they also need regular checkups to ensure that everything is working fine. Your website’s bad health can really affect your business especially if you are a service provider or eCommerce seller. If you are still not sure whether you need website maintenance services on not, then keep reading because we have defined its importance in the very next section.

Importance of Website Maintenance

If the importance of maintenance is not clear yet then these points will provide you deep insights into all your questions. Here are some important reasons that every web owner should go for website maintenance services every once in a while:

Customers Research Online

If you own a brand with a physical location and you also use the eCommerce model to sell products through your website then you will regularly convert your online website traffic to foot traffic. People love to research about the products that they ought to buy. They normally explore the brand websites before they go to your store for physical purchases. If your website is not responsive and has a lot of errors then you will be losing a huge potential because customers might face difficulties exploring your online store. As a result, these customers will never come to your physical store.


Users First Impression

Whenever a new customer or a user interacts with your brand, they mostly explore the brand’s website to check their products and services. As we already know, the first impression is the last impression and this proverb completely fits here. If you are irritating your user with your website’s interface or first look then your user will never look back to your website and they will surely move away to some other website where they feel comfortable.

Website Increases Sales

If you just rely on foot traffic to run your business or company and you barely pay attention to your website then this is the time to rethink and maintain your website. Businesses lose huge potential when they do not utilize the Internet medium to grow their brand.

Get your website redesigned and maintained to attract more users who will slowly convert into your loyal customers. If you run an eCommerce business then opportunities are even bigger because people tend to do more shopping online and you must have your online store maintained to maximize your revenue.


Improves Website Security

Cyberattacks cost millions of dollars to companies every year. If you want to protect your website from different Cyber threats then maintenance services also give an edge here. Well-maintained websites have fewer loopholes, design flaws, and vulnerabilities than those crappy websites which make them more secure. If you are already utilizing your website for generating revenue then also get it maintained by top-notch experts at UrWebDevXprt.

Supports SEO Strategy

The Search Engine Optimization of your website is totally dependent on your website. If you have a well-designed, speedy, and reputable website then it will be easier to rank on Google. Sometimes very small technical errors in your website prevent it from ranking on Google, Web maintenance services can easily break this barrier to ensure that you grow organically.


Web Maintenance Services — Jamaica

UrWebDevXprt is a Jamaican based company focused on website solutions. We offer flexible web maintenance packages to ensure that your customers are always hooked with your products and services. Our professional developers solve all your website issues and errors that act as a barrier to your online business growth. We offer a range of web maintenance packages:


Email Previews


Page Testing

Interactive Testing

Spam Filter Tests

500,000 Tracking Opens

2 Users Free



No Contracts

5 hours total Support

2 to 3 days turnaround time

For Single Website

Additional Hours @ $1000JMD/hour

($5000 jmd/mo)


3 months contract

10 hours monthly support

2 to 3 days turnaround time

upto 2 websites

additional hours @ $1000JMD/Hour

($9000 jmd/mo)


6 months contract

20 hours total support

1 to 2 days turnaround time

Upto 5 websites

Additional hours @ $1000JMD/hour

($15000 jmd/mo)

Questions you Might Have (FAQs)

How much do web maintenance costs?

The maintenance costs are totally dependent on your website’s current state. You can choose any of the best compatible packages from UrWebDevXprt or ask for a customized quote.

What are the additional web maintenance costs?

Other than fixing errors, issues, and design flaws, the domain name is to be renewed every year along with your selected hosting. The SSL certificate is also compulsory because it ensures a secure connection to the web.

Who provides the best web maintenance services in Jamaica?

UrWebDevXprt is the only company to rely on because they provide complete web solutions with considerable service prices.