A completely functional and well-designed website is now a prerequisite for all businesses. There is a lot of growth opportunity on the world wide web and if you have not utilized it yet then this is the right time to get your website designed and developed. UrWebDevXprt is here to assist you throughout the development and design process.

If you are still confused and you do not know the difference between web design and development then let us first clear it before we move to our attractive packages.

Web Design

Design is basically the upper layer of your website which a user sees when he lands on your page. The website design holds great importance because it is not possible to attract customers with an ugly design. The responsiveness of your website equally matters and if your website is user-friendly then people will spend more time surfing your website and your conversion rates will shoot up to the sky.


Your website’s homepage matters the most because most users land on your homepage when they first visit your site. Our web designers at UrWebDevXprt provide top-notch website designs for almost all CMS such as WordPress, Wix, and Magento, etc. We tailor our web designing services according to your requirements. We design all types of eCommerce, Online Stores, Portfolio, Business websites that completely align with your business.

The best thing about our web designing services is that we leave little to no design flaws that actually irritate your visitors. Our professional designers are dedicated to their work and they are always willing to fulfill all our client requirements.


Website Development

There are a lot of things happening at the backend of your website. Suppose you want to integrate a payment gateway for your eCommerce website then you have to take the help of a web developer who will understand your needs to fulfill the desired task. The web development adds more functionalities and usefulness to your website.

Web developers take your ideas to create specific web programs that you need for your users. These programs could be anything such as a mortgage calculator. The developers handle the technical side of your website to keep it functional for the visitors. The backend also impacts the interface of your website but development and design both work hand in hand to achieve the desired results.

UrWebDevXprt has a team of dedicated professional website developers who add your desired functionalities to your website. They provide a solid foundation for the backend of your website so that all operations on your website run smoothly. These developers also resolve any technical issues with the site that are impacting the usability and search engine rankings.

Types of Websites

We almost design and develop all types of websites for our customers but these categories are the major ones in which we have years of experience.

eCommerce Sites

If you want to sell your products online by establishing an online eCommerce store then we are here to help you with design and development processes. We develop robust e-Commerce sites where you can easily manage all your products and sales with complete reports. We also help you integrate your payment gateways through which your customers will pay you.


Landing Pages

If you want us to develop and design a landing page to sell a particular service or product then UrWebDevXprt can help you here as well. We listen to your requirements and study your product to develop the best landing pages with a conversion-oriented CTA (call-to-action) button. Our well-designed landing pages often bring your more leads and sales.

Portfolio Sites

If you want to develop a simple elegant style where you can display your portfolio then count us in because we have experience designing some of the most beautiful and attractive portfolio websites that engage your visitor.



If you are a content creator who wants a fully customized blog to write valuable content and rank it on search engines then we are here to assist you. We design and develop user-friendly, SEO optimized Blog sites with the lightest size and fast performance.

How much does it cost?

The design and development costs for your website are dependent on a number of factors. If you are a small-scale eCommerce company looking to establish their online presence then costs will be lower in comparison with large-scale or enterprise-level businesses that need a more professional level of work with complete customization.

UrWebDevXprt offers you pre-built and tailored packages in order to meet your web design and development requirements. Our packages include:

Custom Home Page

Home Page Banner Design

Contact Forms

Responsive Design

WordPress Platform

Content Pages

Mobile Optimized

Speed Optimized

Content Management System

Initial SEO Setup

General Contact Form

Chatbot/Livechat Setup

Social Media Integeration

Submission To Search Engines

Google Search Console Setup

Google Map Integration

Promo Popup Design and Configuration 

Newsletter Integration

Google Analytics

Optimized Meta Tags

Photo Gallery

Domain & Hosting

Email Addresses

Social Media Optimized

Small Site



5 Pages

$3000 JMD Anually


Business Site



8 to 12 Pages

$3000 JMD Anually





Upto 20 

$3000 JMD Anually


Things To Consider

There are a few things to consider before you rush and develop your website. These considerable factors ensure that you get the best out of your website investment.


A professional website always needs to be responsive. If your website has static boring pages then your visitors or customers will not be engaged with the services or products you offer. A well-designed website is always responsive and functional with a clean and elegant interface that makes it easy for the user to navigate through different options.

Mobile Friendliness

Most people open websites using their mobile devices and if your web page is not responsive on a smartphone then you will eventually lose your customers and visitors. All designs by UrWebDevXprt are made by taking mobile-friendliness into account.

Questions you Might Have (FAQs)

Where to hire a Jamaica developer?

If you are looking for a Jamaican based web design and development company then UrWebDevXprt is probably your best option because it has a range of experts who are always willing to put in maximum efforts for the best end results.

What is website re-designing?

If your website’s current design is not responsive enough then you probably need to re-design it for making it more user-friendly to the visitors.

How much does it cost to develop a website?

The costs are completely dependent on your requirements. If you need a simple 2-3 pages website with a responsive design then it will not cost you much but if you are looking for a professionally customized website with different functionalities then you probably have to spend some money.